Pat Rae, 1990s

St. Kenelm's C.E. Primary School, Romsley
Centenary Celebrations
1915 - 2015

Memories of Ms Pat Rae - Parent
Tom and Ben Wardley - Pupils from the late 1990s onwards


Pat remembers:-

  • I remember having to dress both boys up for the Book Parade each year. By Year 4 this became quite a challenge!
  • I used to help with cycling proficiency around the village and clearly remember seeing one of the lads come round the corner with no hands on the handle bars – I will not name them!
  • Then there was Ben's first school trip. He was the child who left his sandwiches hanging up on his peg in the school cloakroom.
  • I worked for some years in the playgroup with Margaret Bayfield. There was a large slide in one corner coming down from the two-storey Wendy House. It was brilliant. The house could be changed into all sorts of things and I remember turning it into a pirate ship for a pirate-themed day. The whole school joined in that day.
  • Moving the playgroup/nursery from the school classroom into the mobile in the back playground was very exciting.
  • I used to meet both my boys from nursery and always found them laden with paintings. The papers were usually just covered with one colour or, at the most, two. But it was a brilliant opportunity for them to have a go!
  • The Christmas plays always stay in my mind and especially the camel costume which comes out every year.

Tom remembers:-

  • The Secret Garden – this was his favourite memory ....although now he realises that it wasn't really very secret!
  • The residential trip away. The first experience of an overnight stay away. Terrifying and exciting at the same time with also the struggle to carry all their equipment.

Ben remembers:-

  • Winning the Fancy Dress competition after the parade around the village for the Millennium celebrations. He was Darth Maul.
  • Catching newts in the school pond with Tom. This was in the days when you could go pond dipping without fearing health and safety.

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