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Romsley Census, 1891

1891 Census Records for Romsley

Name of Street, Place or Road, and Name or No. of HouseNameSurnameRelation to Head of FamilyConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Back Lane Henry Crumpton Head Mar 57 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Jemima Crumpton Wife Mar 57 Halesowen Worcs
Back Lane Joseph Byng Head Mar 30 Plate Layer on Railway [Nail shop adjoined house. Last of the Village nailers] Rowley Regis Staffs
Caroline Byng Wife Mar 31 Halesowen Worcs
May Byng Daur 7 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
George Byng Son 3 Halesowen Worcs
Alfred Byng Son 1 Romsley Worcs
Back Lane George Coley Head Un 18 Plate Layer on Railway [Hales Owen-Rubery Railway then operating] Illey Worcs
Rebecca Coley Sister Un 14 Illey Worcs
Romsley Village [Opp Sun Inn] John Byng Head Mar 40 Nail Maker Belbroughton Worcs
Sarah Byng Wife Mar 37 Nail Maker Bromsgrove Worcs
Elizabeth Byng Daur Un 18 Nail Maker Bromsgrove Worcs
Emma Byng Daur Un 17 Nail Maker Bromsgrove
Charles Byng Son 6 Scholar Northwich Cheshire
Elsie Byng Daur 4 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Romsley Village John Carelass[Careless] Head Mar 43 Plate Layer on Railway [Hales Owen-Rubery Railway now operating] Frankley Worcs
Matilda Carelass Wife Mar 35 Rowney Green
Romsley Village Elizabeth Noake Head Wid 60 Romsley Worcs
Frederick Noake Son Un 36 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Harry Crumpton Nephew Un 17 Farm Labourer Hagley Worcs
Romsley Village British Oak [Inn, Gen. Store and Village's first Post Office] John Burton Head Mar 63 Woodcutter & Publican Romsley Worcs
Mary Burton Wife Mar 60 Shop Keeper Quinton Worcs
Agnes Burton Daur Un 21 Post Mistress Romsley Worcs
Maud Burton G'Daur 3 Dudley Worcs
Maud Davies Serv. Un 15 Domestic Serv. Halesowen Worcs
James Davies Lodger Mar 49 Woodcutter Tamworth Warks
William Kendrick Lodger Un 46 Woodcutter Tamworth Warks
Wm Hunt Lodger Un 37 Woodcutter Solihull Warks
Henry Hunt Lodger Un 31 Woodcutter Tamworth Warks
Romsley Village Benjamin Potter Head Mar 70 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Eleanor Potter Wife Mar 60 [Eachway?] Worcs
Romsley Village George Beers Head Mar 35 Plate Layer on Railway [Was foreman of the local platelayer gang.] North....Warks
Mary Beers Wife Mar 36 Halesowen Worcs
Arthur James Beers Son Un 14 Farm Labourer Halesowen Worcs
Elsie Amy Bers Daur 7 Rowley Regis Staffs
Ethel Sarah Beers Daur 3 Romsley Worcs
Frederick Wm. Beers Son 1 Romsley Worcs
Romsley Village Samuel Davenport Head Mar 33 Farm Labourer Belbroughton Worcs
Eliza Davenport Wife Mar 28 Bidford Warks
Barbara Nellie Davenport Daur Un 2 Romsley Worcs
Lilian Mary Davenport 9 mo Romsley Worcs
Romsley Village Wm. Jas. Clarke Head Mar 31 Police Officer Norton Beaucham[p] Worcs
Sarah Ann Clarke Wife Mar 32 Cleve Prior Worcs
Edith Mary Clarke Daur 5 Scholar Hanbury Worcs
Clement Arthur Clarke Son 4 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Albert Wm Clarke Son 2 Romsley Worcs
Romsley Village Lilian Blanche Crewe Head Un 19 Dudley Worcs
Mary Dudley Niece 9 Scholar Dudley Worcs
Agnes Brown Vis. 9 Scholar Birmingham Warks
Laura Brown Vis. 6 Scholar Birmingham Warks
Romsley Village Thomas Edwards Head Widr 50 Farm Labourer Hemmington Suffolk
Malt Shovel Inn Joseph Woodall Head Mar 59 Licensed Victualler Rowley Regis Staffs
Emma Woodall Wife Mar 55 Licensed Victualler Rowley Regis Staffs
Frederick Woodall Son Un 27 Nail & Chain Manufact'r Rowley Regis Staffs
Frank Woodall Son Un 22 Nail & Chain Manufact'r Rowley Regis Staffs
Kate Woodall Daur Un 19 Rowley Regis Staffs
Ellen Woodall Daur Un 15 Rowley Regis Staffs
Joseph Woodall Son 12 Scholar Rowley Regis
Romsley Village Richard Frank Southam Head Mar 39 Game Keeper Gloucester
Anne Southam Wife Mar 32 Worcester
Arthur Frederick Southam Son 6 Scholar Rhyader Wales
Florrie Southam daur 1 Romsley Worcs
Romsley Village Moses Barley Head Widr 52 [Railway Worker] [Smethwick?]
Wm. I. Barley Son Un 19 Railway Signal Man Hanbury Worcs
Harry P. Barley Son Un 17 Farm Labourer Oldbury Worcs
Armal Barley Son 14 Farm Labourer Quinton Worcs
...... Barley Daur 12 Scholar Quinton Worcs
Amy Barley Daur 9 Scholar Quinton Worcs
Romsley Village Ellen Hill Head Wid 50 Romsley Worcs
Joseph Hill Son Un 27 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
William Hill Son Un 24 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Frederick Hill Son Un 18 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Jennie Hill Daur 8 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Walter Knight Lodger Un 20 Coal Miner Romsley Worcs
Romsley Village Elizabeth Homer Head Wid 50 Butcher Belbroughton Worcs
Chas. Tandy Homer Son Un 16 Butcher's Assistant Cradley Heath Staffs
Ruth Homer Daur Un 15 Scholar Cradley Heath Staffs
Harriett Homer Daur 12 Scholar Cradley Heath Staffs
Thos. A. Homer Son 10 Scholar Cradley Heath
Romsley Village Zacharia Smith Head Un 50 Bag Maker Bamford Notts.
Libby Smith Daur Un 19 Bag Maker Bishome [Bishops Frome?] Heref.
Fighting Cocks Annie Smith Head Un 24 Inn Keeper Romsley Worcs
Elizabeth Smith Sister Un 15 Inn Keeper's Assistant Illey Worcs
Romsley Village Thomas Hill Head Mar 63 Plate Layer on Railway Romsley Worcs
Eliza Hill Wife Mar 60 Kingsnorton Worcs
Wm. Hill Son Un 21 Plate Layer on Railway Romsley Worcs
George Potter G'Son 6 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Romsley Village Selina Myloyd Head Wid 54 Sedgley Staffs
Romsley Village John Potter Head Mar 35 Plate Layer on Railway Romsley Worcs
Elizabeth Potter Wife Mar 32 Romsley Worcs
Joseph Potter Son 12 Ag. Labourer Romsley Worcs
Elizabeth Potter Daur 11 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Willie Potter Son 10 Scholar Romsley Worcs
....[Thos?] Potter Son 3 Romsley Worcs
Emma Potter Daur 2 Romsley Worcs
Romsley Village George Powell Head Mar 65 Farm Labourer Hunnington Worcs
Emma Powell Daur Un 32 Hunnington Worcs
George Potter Son Un 24 Farm Labourer Hunnington Worcs
Romsley Village Benjamin Lowe Head Mar 44 Haulier Rowley Regis Staffs
Hanah Lowe Wife Mar 33 Haulier Rowley Regis Staffs
E. Bayliss Niece 11 Scholar Rowley Regis
.....[Brian?] Bayliss Nephew 7 Scholar Rowley Regis Staffs
Romsley Village Joseph Bayliss Head Mar 33 Ag Labourer Studley Warks
Sarah Bayliss Wife Mar 30 Rowley Regis Staffs
W. H. Bayliss Son 9 Scholar Romsley Worcs
G. F. Bayliss Son 4 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
T. E. Bayliss Son 2 Scholar Romsley
.....[Brian?] Morris Lodger Un 54 Coal Miner Rowley Regis Staffs
Bremshill Bank William Davenport Head Mar 32 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
John Davenport Son 11 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Romsley Village Samuel Davenport Head Mar 54 Road Man Romsley Worcs
Dinah Davenport Wife Mar 57 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Samuel Davenport Son Un 23 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Fanny Davenport Daur Un 20 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Maria Davenport Daur Un 17 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Bremshill Bank John Lucock Head Widr 65 Road Man under County C. Romsley Worcs
Isabella Lucock Daur Un 37 Romsley Worcs
Bremshill Bank [Bromshill Bank] Now Romsley Hill, End of Dark Lane Henry Crockett Head Mar 24 Ag Labourer Madley Heath Worcs
Jane Crockett Wife Mar 22 Rubery Worcs
Charles A. Crockett Son 11 mo Romsley Worcs
Harry A. Hill Bro Un 23 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Romsley Village Hannah Clulee Head Wid 80 Romsley Worcs
Thos. E. Clulee Son Widr 48 Wood Man Romsley Worcs
Wm. G. Clulee G'son 14 Ag. Labourer Romsley Worcs
Ellen E. Clulee D-in-Law Wid 48 Bromsgrove Worcs
Matilda Clulee G'daur 12 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Wm. S. Clulee G'Son 7 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Romsley Village, Fox Hunt Joseph Hunt Head Wid'r 85 Romsley Worcs
Hannah Dutton Daur Mar 40 Romsley Worcs
Henry Dutton [man and wife] S-in-L Mar 42 Axle Filer (Coach) Quinton Worcs
Arthur Hunt G'son Un 25 Woodman Romsley Worcs
David Hunt [son of Hannah] G'son 17 Ag. Labourer Romsley Worcs
Joseph Hunt[son of Hannah] G'son 13 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Romsley Hill John Follows Head Mar 37 Farmer Romsley Worcs
Eliza Follows Wife Mar 33 Bewdley
Amy Dora Follows Daur 3 Romsley
Edwd White Follows Son 2 Romsley Worcs
John H. Follows Son 2mo Romsley Worcs
Alberta Alice Row Vis Un 21 Aston Staffs
Lucy Hill Serv. Un 18 General Servant Domestic Romsley Worcs
Chas. Houghton Serv. Un 17 Farm Servant Wordsley Staffs
Romsley Village John Woodbine Head Mar 66 Kingsnorton Worcs
Maria Woodbine Wife Mar 54 Clent Worcs
Romsley Village Maryanna [Mary Ann] Cooks Head Un 58 Barslow Warks
Thomas Cooks Bro Un 70 Former Threshing Machine Proprietor Romsley Worcs
Romsley Hill [Yew Tree Farm] Richard Cooks Head Mar 62 Farmer Romsley Worcs
Sarah A. Cooks Wife Mar 55 Perry Barr Staffs
Richard G. P. Cooks Son 14 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Henry M. Bevan Nephew Un 20 Ag Labourer Hanley Worcs
Wm. Si...ll [Sorrell] Serv. Un 38 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Dayhouse Bank Benjamin Davenport Head Widr 66 Gardener Belbroughton Worcs
Dayhouse Bank Caroline Piper Head Mar 56 Farm Labourer Germany
Dayhouse Bank Jemima Sheldon Head Wid 67 Farrel [Could be 'Farvil' - Fairfield]
Jane Sheldon D-in-L Mar 46 Ag Labourer Belbroughton Worcs
Eliza Sheldon G'daur 16 Romsley Worcs
Dayhouse Bank Alfred Hill Head Mar 46 Road Man for County C. Romsley Worcs
Sarah Hill Wife Mar 46 Kingsnorton Worcs
Ann Hill Daur 16 Bromsgrove Worcs
S. E. Hill Daur ? Scholar Bromsgrove
Alfred Hill Son 9 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Dayhouse Bank George Lacey Head Mar 44 Farm Labourer Bromsgrove Worce
Hannah Lacey Wife Mar 41 Romsley Worcs
Sarah Lacey Daur Un 14 Romsley Worcs
Ethel Lacey Daur 8 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Ann Maria Jeffs Daur Mar 22 Romsley Worcs
Edith Annie Jeffs G'daur 1 Worcester Worcs
Ellen Elizabeth Jeffs G'daur 1 mo Worcester Worcs
Dayhouse Bank John Symonds Head Mar 61 Carpenter St[r]ensham Worcs
Ann Symonds Wife Mar 51 Bishops Cleve Glos.
Bertha Symonds Daur 11 Scholar Wednesbury Staffs
Dayhouse Bank Caroline Tomkins Head Wid 70 Kingsnorton Worcs
Sarah Tomkins Daur Un 36 Romsley Worcs
Alfreda Tomkins Daur Un 30 Romsley Worcs
Florence Tomkins G'daur 11 Scholar Birmingham Warks
Day House Bank Charles Maycroft Head Mar 46 Farm Labourer Clent Worcs
Jane Maycroft Wife Mar 45 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank Henry Risbridger Head Wid'r 52 Hosley Surrey [see Romsley 1881 where place is given as Charlwood]
Day House Bank Ann Horne Head Wid 50 Ag Worker Hanbury Worcs
Day House Bank Priscilla Hancox Head Wid 64 House Duties (Domestic) Bartley Green Worcs
George Hancox Son Un 25 Ag Labourer Bromsgrove Worcs
Emily Lacey G'daur 1 Lapal Worcs
Fredk. Lacey Visitor Un 19 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank Elizabeth Hunt Head Wid 75 Kingsnorton Worcs
Hannah Oakes Daur Wid 37 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
A. F. Oakes G.daur Un 18 Romsley Worcs
M. Oakes G'daur 12 Romsley Worcs
William Oakes G'son 10 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Eliza Jane Oakes G'daur 2 Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank Maurice Hunt Head Mar 36 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Sarah Ann Hunt Wife Mar 29 Ag Labourer Dodderhill Worcs
Emily Hunt Daur 12 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Maurice Hunt Son 8 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Ada Hunt Daur 7 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Rosehannah Hunt Daur 5 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Joseph Hunt Son 3 Romsley Worcs
Arthur Hunt Son 10 mo Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank Joseph Carrington Head Mar 53 Carpenter Romsley Worcs
Eliza Carrington Wife Mar 49 Worms Ash Worcs [see Romsley 1881 where place isgiven as Bromsgrove]
Emily Carrington Daur Un 17 Bromsgrove Worcs
George Carrington Son Un 11 Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank Henry Waldron Head Mar 34 Drover Madeley Heath Worcs
Ellen Waldron Wife Mar 29 Bromsgrove Worcs
Henry Waldron Son 6 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank Joseph Clews Head Mar 70 Carpenter Bromsgrove Worcs
Maria Clews Wife Mar 65 Bromsgrove Worcs
Sarah Ann S...ell [Sorrell - there are variations of the name locally, i.e. Sorell, Sirrel, Serrell all probably derived from the Christian name Cyril] Niece Un 27 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank John Davis Head Mar 39 Ag Labourer Halesowen Worcs
Phoebe Davis Wife Mar 39 Bromsgrove Worcs
Edward Davis Son Un 18 Navies Labourer [Railway Platelayer] Halesowen Worcs
William Davis Son Un 16 Halesowen Worcs
Sarah Davis Daur 13 Halesowen Worcs
Eliza Davis Daur 3 Romsley Worcs
Lilly Davis Daur 11 mo Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank Ann Waldron Head Wid 62 Bromsgrove Worcs
Joseph Waldron Son Un 23 Drainer Romsley Worcs
Walter Waldron Son Un 15 Ag Labourer Catshill Worcs
Bertha Davis G'daur 6 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank John Harris Head Mar 83 Cordwainer Romsley Worcs
Elizabeth Harris Wife Mar 77 Halesowen Worcs
Day House Bank George Harris Head Mar 56 Haulier [Carter] Madeley Worcs
Ann Harris Wife Mar 39 Beoley Worcs
William Lowe Vis Mar 70 Birmingham Warks
Day House Bank Elizabeth Hill Head Wid 95 Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank Alfred Cottrell Head Mar 35 Nail Maker Belbroughton Worcs
Dinah Cottrell Wife Mar 35 Nail Maker Belbroughton Worcs
George Cottrell Son 13 Belbroughton Worcs
Wm. Cottrell Son 11 Ag Labourer Belbroughton Worcs
Ashnell Cottrell Son 9 Scholar Belbroughton Worcs
Minnie Cottrell Daur 2 Romsley Worcs
Day House Bank Lydia Hill Head Mar 52 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Thos. Waldron Lodger Un 26 Ag Labourer Belbroughton Worcs
Day House Bank George Waldron Head Mar 37 Nail Maker Belbroughton Worcs
Ann Waldron Wife Mar 43 Nail Maker Romsley Worcs
Edith Waldron Daur 14 Romsley Worcs
Elizabeth Waldron Daur 10 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Selinah Waldron Son (?) 5 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Frances Waldron Son (?) 3 Romsley Worcs
Maria Waldron Daur 1 Romsley Worcs
Spout Holloway [Spout was the local name for both the area and the inn. Derives from the spring at rear of the inn] William Parker Head Mar 47 Retired Farmer Tamworth Warks
Selinah Parker Wife Mar 45 Birmingham Warks
Spout Holloway Cornelius Hancox Head Mar 40 Ag Labourer Bromsgrove Worcs
Sarah Hancox Ag Labourer Mar 37 Ag Labourer Belbroughton Worcs
William Hancox Son 13 Romsley Worcs
George Hancox Son 13 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Elizabeth Hancox Daur 8 Scholar Bromsgrove Worcs
Edith Hancox Daur 5 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Thomas Hancox Son 4 Romsley Worcs
Arthur Hancox Son 2 Romsley Worcs
Spout - Manchester Inn Clara Winslow Head Wid 50 Licensed Victualler (Pub) Knowle Warks
Frederick Winslow Son Mar 30 Coal Dealer Shrawley Warks
Elizabeth Mary Winslow D-in-L Mar 33 Preston Bagott Warks
Clara Jane Winslow G'chld 7 Scholar Tamworth Warks
Albert Henry Winslow G'son 6 Scholar Willenhall Warks
Edith Mary Winslow G'daur 5 Scholar Ipsley
Henrietta Winslow G'daur 4 Ipsley Warks
Charles Greswell Winslow G'son 1 Ipsley Warks
Farley [Farm] Frederick Hill Head Mar 25 Farmer Dudley Worcs
Elizabeth Hill Wife Mar 26 Brinsfield Glos
Eliza May Hill Daur 4 Wolverhampton Staffs
Not Christened Son 2 wks Romsley Worcs
Emma Banner Serv 16 Domestic Servant Bromsgrove Worcs
Shutt Mill Cottage Frederick Randall Head Mar 32 [illegible] [illegible]
Elizabeth Emma Randall Wife Mar 30 [illegible]
Gertrude Emma Randall Daur 7 Scholar [illegible]
Arthur Chagnall Vis 2 Solihull Warks
Shutt Mill William Darby Head Mar 36 Farmer Romsley Worcs
Agnes Darby Wife Mar 39 Ayrshire Scotland
...... Darby Daur 8 Scholar Ipsley Warks
...... Darby Son 6 Scholar Ipsley Warks
William Darby Son 4 Ipsley Warks
New House Farm John G. Lewis Head Un 35 Farmer Halesowen Worcs
Harriett Milward Sister Wid 45 Rowley Regis Staffs
Oliver C. Lewis Bro Un 28 Farmer's brother Halesowen Worcs
Edward Milward Nephew 15 [illegible] Halesowen Worcs
Maryann Milward Niece 14 Halesowen Worcs
James Hill Serv. Un 20 Farm Servant Halesowen Worcs
Shutt Mill Lane Abel Parker Head Mar 60 Farmer Rearden Glos
Annie Parker Daur Un 28 Tamworth Staffs
Shutt Mill Lane William Bond Head Mar 60 Ag Labourer Worcester
Ann Bond Wife Mar 54 Ag Labourer Bromsgrove Worcs
Rumbow Alfred Deeley Head Mar 36 Hay Cutter [Hay Trusser] Clent Worcs
Mary M. Deeley Wife Mar 32 Romsley Worcs
Nellie Deeley Daur 10 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Selinah Deeley Daur 5 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Willie Deeley Son 4 Romsley Worcs
Not Christened Daur 5 days Romsley Worcs
Elizabeth Deeley Mother Mar 69 Bromsgrove Worcs
Rumbow Ann Wheeler Head Wid 77 Ag Labourer Droitwich Worcs
Fox Lane Farm William Tandy Head Mar 57 Farmer Belbroughton Worcs
Selinah Tandy Wife Mar 60 Not known Shrops
William Tandy Son Mar 29 Farmer's Son Belbroughton Worcs
Teresa Tandy D-in-L Mar 26 Hasbury Worcs
Violet Bullock Niece 14 Romsley Hill, Worcs
Lilian Tandy G'daur 9 mo Romsley Worcs
George Tulley Serv. Un 35 Farm Servant Clent Worcs
Holt Lane Lewis Parker Head Mar 64 Solicitors Clerk Cheltenham Glos
Holt Lane Thomas Willetts Head Mar 26 Ag Labourer Hasbury Worcs
Mary Elizabeth Willetts Wife Mar 19 Stourbridge Worcs
Walton Hill Edward Stevens Head Mar 58 Farmer Cradley Worcs
Ann Stevens Wife Mar 59 Halesowen Worcs
William Stevens Son 14 Clerk Romsley Worcs
Church Farm St. Kenelms Joseph Smith Head Mar 63 Agriculturist Clent Worcs
Eliza Smith Wife Mar 62 Walsall Staffs
Ann Smith Daur Un 22 Romsley Worcs
Edward Smith Son Un 19 Game Keeper Romsley Worcs
Mary M. Polton Vis 14 Leicester
Lucy Prudence Lay Vis 11 Romsley Worcs
Offmoor Lane Daniel Stevens Head Wid'r 79 Retired Wheelwright Cannock Staffs
Matilda Hall Daur Mar 45 Romsley Worcs
Henry Hall S-in-L Mar 45 Haulier [Carter] Waseley Worcs
Henry Hall G'Son 13 Scholar Cakemore
John Holloway Boarder Un 36 Haulier [Carter] Hasbury Worcs
St. Kenelm's Hall Thomas Jarvis Hodgetts Head Widr 53 Land Surveyor Oldbury Worcs
Thos. W. S. Hodgetts Son Un 14 Scholar Bromsgrove Worcs
Sophie C. Jefferies Govr's Un 21 Governess (School) Stourbridge Worcs
Rose Allen Serv. Un 22 General Servant/Domestic Bromsgrove Worcs
Back Lane, Green Farm Samantha South Head Wid 68 Farmer Romsley Worcs
George South Son Un 46 Farmer's Son Romsley Worcs
William Noake Serv. Un 36 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
BackLane, Fox Inn John Homer Head Mar 48 Publican, Farmer, Butcher Cradley HeathStaffs
Eliza Homer Wife Mar 47 Little London Derbys.
Eliza P.P. Homer Daur Un 18 Cradley Heath Staffs
Gertrude Homer Daur 10 Scholar Cradley Heath Staffs
Clara Harris Serv. 18 Domestic Servant Cradley Heath Staffs
Back Lane Geo. Bastable Head Mar 47 Bricklayer Rowley Staffs
Margaret Bastable Wife Mar 40 Farm Labourer Hagley Worcs
Back Lane Jason Knight Head Mar 43 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Eliza Knight Wife Mar 36 Belbroughton Worcs
Wm. Thos. Hughes Son 15 Farm Labourer Belbroughton Worcs
Emma Knight Daur 5 Clent Worcs
Harry Knight Son 2 Clent Worcs
Teresa Knight Daur 4 mo Romsley Worcs
Back Lane Thos. Withers Head Mar 70 Carpenter Romsley Worcs
Hannah Withers Wife Mar 66 Romsley Worcs
Harriet Davis [Davies] Daur Mar ?4 Romsley Worcs
Allen Davis [Davies] S-in-L Mar ?4 Blacksmith Romsley Worcs
Back Lane, St. Kenelms Rectory Geo. Gurney Coombs Head Mar 32 Curate of Romsley Stratford le Bow [London]
Sarah Ann Coombs [nee Follows] Wife Mar 28 Organist of Romsley Romsley Worcs
Hannah Bastable Serv. Un 15 General Servant Domestic Romsley Worcs
Field House Farm James Follows Head Mar 73 Farmer Northfield Worcs
Sarah Follows Wife Mar 68 Bromsgrove Worcs
Annie Follows Daur Un 30 Romsley Worcs
Georgina H Follows Daur Un 28 Romsley Worcs
Back Lane, The Cottage [Temporarily Parson's residence until circa 1854. Now "The Laurels". E. H. Kempson was nephew of Rev. Howard Kempson, former Rector of Romsley (1851-1866) ] Edmund Howard Kempson Head Mar 33 Copper Merchant & Arthur Birmingham Warks
Henrietta C. Kempson Wife Mar 25 Donnington Salop
Sarah J. Shaw Serv. Un 66 Cook Housekeeper Rowley Regis Staffs
Back Lane Samuel Houseman Head Widr 48 Woodman Romsley Worcs
Hannah Houseman Mother Wid 72 Romsley Worcs
Julia Houseman Sister Un 42 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Albert Houseman Nephew Un 9 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Back Lane Henry Grainger Head Mar 31 Corn Dealer & Farmer Cradley Heath Staffs
Emily Grainger Wife Mar 26 Stourbridge Worcs
Francis Edwd. Grainger Son Un 10 mo Romsley Worcs
Frank Grainger Bro. Un 19 Farmer's Brother Cradley Heath Staffs
Sarah Grainger Sister Un 16 Cradley Heath Staffs
Mary Houseman Serv. Un 14 Gen Servant (Domestic) Romsley Worcs
Back Lane John Haden Head Mar 47 Wheelwright Romsley Worcs
Emily Haden Wife Mar 48 Cradley Worcs
Frank Haden Son 11 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Back Lane William Blizzard Head Mar 24 Ag Labourer Grafton Flyford Worcs
Ellen Blizzard Wife Mar 22 Mayfield Worcs
Back Lane William Bond Head Mar 25 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Emma Bond Wife Mar 30 Stourport Worcs
Back Lane John Foxall Head Mar 55 Ag Labourer Clent Worcs
Sarah Foxall Wife Mar 58 Romsley Worcs
Lizzie Foxall Daur Un 24 Romsley Worcs
Charles Foxall Son Un 22 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Minnie Foxall Daur Un 18 Romsley Worcs
Back Lane Daniel Haden Head Mar 46 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Emma Haden Wife Mar 31 Romsley Worcs
Jesse Haden Son 10 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Florrie Haden Daur 4 Romsley Worcs
Edgar Haden Son 1 Romsley Worcs
Wm. A. Haden Boarder Un 23 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs

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