Deeks Family, 1980s

St. Kenelm's C.E. Primary School, Romsley
Centenary Celebrations
1915 – 2015

Memories of Bob, Ruth, Christopher, Jonathan and Laura Deeks
Parents and Pupils - 1980s


We moved to Romsley in 1987. Our decision was influenced greatly by the Estate Agent, who then lived in Hunnington, he drove us into the school playground (empty of children), and said "Your children will be very happy at this school, it is wonderful. It has less than 60 children, only a handful of teachers, is not famous for its academic achievement but is the happiest school you will ever find". We were convinced!

Our introduction to St Kenelm's School came in 1989, when our eldest son, Christopher, started in Mrs Hutchinson's class, which was Reception and Class One together. Her philosophy was that little boys are like puppies; they are at their happiest when they are frolicking and playing; they have plenty of time for learning later. Her partner in crime was the kind hearted Mrs Powell, who loved all of the children like they were her own. That term Mrs Burns had just started as the head teacher; she brought with her a sense of the new world of Education, SAT's, etc. She was wise enough to realise that change had to come gradually so as not to disturb the happy equilibrium of the school. She was a calm, almost ethereal, character; traits clearly demonstrated in a school video project of the time. The space traveller theme had Mrs Burns wafting through the corridors as if floating on air.

At this time the school had a number of dedicated and truly wonderful people supporting it; Mrs Burns was the teaching head in those days with Mrs Powell and Mrs Hutchinson teaching the other two classes, but the backbone of the school was the late Mrs Tandy. Receptionist, secretary, safety officer, nurse, hugger and "cuddler" of crying and injured children. A stalwart by any definition.

It seems that as our family grew and changed so did the school. Luckily the changes were all positive and maintained the village feel to the school. New teachers, the beautiful warm Miss Sugars, the exuberant engaging Mrs Finney and lovely sweet Miss Stanton, all of whom taught our lucky children. Chris was in Miss Sugars' very first class and introduced himself as being "a bit of a ladies' man", which she had great pleasure in relating to us at parents' night. Jonathan also settled quickly with Miss Stanton's kindness and genuine affection for the pupils being a major factor in this. He revelled in the sports and activities especially those provided after school by the numerous parent volunteers.

Laura also loved her time at St Kenelm's, fully participating in any of the plays and activities that the trinity of Finney, Sugars and Stanton came up with. At this time there seemed to be an abundance of girls in the school so as you would expect there was often a drama and friendship crisis going on. Thankfully the teachers and support staff handled these crises with deft skill, often resolving the most fractured friendships amicably. Laura struck up a friendship with the famous Mrs Grove enjoying great banter in the playground and whenever their paths crossed in the village.

We look back with the fondest memories of BBQ's, rambles, quizzes, sports days, Christmas plays, book days and much more. Our children and ourselves have formed lifelong friendships in the playground at St Kenelm's. It seems rather unreal when our children are attending the weddings of friends with whom they used to share the sandpit in Class One. All three of our children have gone on to achieve much; all three getting degrees at various Universities and are now pursuing successful careers in education and the private sector. We have no doubt that the happy (a word you will see often in this text) start at Romsley St Kenelm's School was the wonderful foundation for their futures.


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