Ivan Hodgetts, 1940s

St. Kenelm's C.E. Primary School, Romsley
Centenary Celebrations
1915 – 2015

Memories of Mr Ivan Hodgetts - Pupil - 1940s


During the time I attended St. Kenelm's School, Mr Dudley was the headmaster (he was also churchwarden of St. Kenelm's Church).

There were only three classrooms and the other two teachers were Mrs Marshall and Miss Payne. Everyone had their lunch in the Mission Room, now called The Church Hall.

The grounds of the school were extensive reaching to the Fighting Cocks' boundary. Mr Wagstaff mowed the field for hay and used the land for grazing his animals.

A rhyme concerning the headmaster and often said by the children went as follows:

"Old Fred Dudley was a good man.
He went to church on Sundays.
He prayed to God to give him the strength
To wallop the kids on Mondays!"

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