Lucy Pickford, 1980s

St. Kenelm's C.E. Primary School, Romsley

Centenary Celebrations

1915 - 2015

Memories of Miss Lucy Pickford - Pupil from 1984 to 1989


Some of my memories of St. Kenelm's C.E. First School (it was the three-tier system in those days) are as follows:-

  • Being allowed to ring the bell at the end of break or lunchtime on your birthday.
  • The pond behind the school – always being "out of bounds"!
  • One of the dinner ladies (that was their title then) would bang a wooden spoon on the table to try to get us to be quiet.
  • The sports' biscuit, with a different activity shown on each biscuit, and the milk or squash that we had each day at Playgroup, which was then held in one of the downstairs' classrooms.
  • The "dens" in the school playing field (which were just dry/muddy slopes onto the neighbouring fields).
  • The walks from school to Ellwood – especially at bluebell time in May.
  • Buying Hubba Bubba from Mr Patel's shop on the way back from school. Or walking back through the gullies and discovering the occasional pile of dog mess!!
  • Playing on the green with friends outside our house in Hillcrest Road at the end of another school day.
  • Romsley pantomimes marking the beginning of Christmas (especially when sweets were thrown into the audience from the stage. No health and safety in those days!) Many of the children's mothers were involved in the panto and so most of my friends from school would all be in the audience together.
  • Most of my school friends also attended Brownies, which then took place in the Church Hall. Fun filled times spent together on Brownie Pack Holidays.
  • The wonderfully friendly community.

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