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Mrs Potter, Pupil/Dinner Lady 1939 onwards

St. Kenelm's C.E. Primary School, Romsley
Centenary Celebrations
1915 – 2015

Memories of Mrs Potter - Pupil/Cook/Dinner Lady - 1939 onwards



In 1939 I was six years old and attended St. Kenelm's CE Primary School. The headteacher was Mr Dudley who lived on Bromsgrove Road almost opposite the Church Hall (or Mission Room) as it was called in those days.

The other two teachers were Miss Payne and Mrs Marshall. Mr Dudley was very strict. If we were naughty he used to flick chalk at us and if we were really badly behaved then he would use the cane.

I remember that during the war we were issued with gas marks. On a couple of occasions when the sirens sounded we were all taken across the road and into the cellar of the large house opposite the school, (which has recently been demolished) until the all clear was sounded.


In the mid 1960s I worked in the school as a cook. I was known as the "Gravy Lady" and was a general assistant to Mrs Newell working in the kitchen providing hot meals each day.

In the 1970s the provision of hot meals was stopped. We then had to walk down to Kirby's Café (behind Fairy Hollow) and fetch the sandwiches for the children on free school meals. Everyone else had to bring a packed lunch from home.

I worked as a dinner lady until 1986 when I retired to look after my elderly mother. I was given a cut glass basket from the staff and children.

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