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Hunnington Census, 1861

1861 Census Records for Hunnington

Name of Street, Place or Road, and Name or No. of HouseNameSurnameRelation to Head of FamilyConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
School House Joseph Newey Head Mar 30 School Master Halesowen Worcs
Sarah Newey Wife Mar 29 Lye Worcs
Catharine Blanche Newey Daur Un 1 Hunnington Worcs
Mary Newey Daur Un 17 days Hunnington Worcs
Mary Elizabeth Cattle Serv Un 13 Romsley Worcs
Porch House Farm James Henry Hingley Head Un 32 Farmer occupying 100 acres of land empl. 5 men & 1 boy Cradley Staffs
Fieldhouse Farm Frederick Osborne Head Mar 86 Farmer 270 Acres Land empl. 4 men & 3 boys Clent Worcs
Mary Osborne Wife Mar 78 Quinton Worcs
William Osborne Son Un 38 Farmers Son Oldswinford Worcs
John Crumpton Serv Un 15 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Tile House Farm [Lower House Farm in 1851 census] Joseph Bissell Head Un 65 Farmer occupying 300 Acres empl. 6 men & 1 boy Hunnington Worcs
Susan Hearn Serv Un 60 Housekeeper Chad. Corbett Worcs
Holly Hurst Farm House William Smith Head Mar 25 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Louisa Smith Wife Mar 23 Leamington Warks
Hannah Edwards niece Un 2 Birmingham Warks
Hollies Farm James Potter Head Mar 45 Farmer of 103 Acres & 2 Men & 1 Boy Romsley Worcs
Elizabeth Potter Wife Mar 41 Studley Warks
George James Potter Son Un 12 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Thomas Potter Son Un 8 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Edward Richard Potter Son Un 5 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Elizabeth Potter Daur Un 15 Feckenham Worcs
John Newman Serv. Un 17 Carter Hatch Lench [Atch Lench]Warks
Thomas Read Serv Un 19 Cowman Inkberrow Warks
Red Hill Mary Powell Head Wid 67 Washerwoman Hunnington Worcs
John Powell Son Un 25 Ag Labourer Hunnington Worcs
Red Hill Thomas Fleet Head Mar 38 Ag Labourer Halesowen Worcs
Ann Maria Fleet Wife Mar 32 Nailer Northfield Worcs
Myra Fleet Daur Un 10 Nurse Halesowen Worcs
Thomas Fleet Son Un 4 Halesowen Worcs
Martha Dorrington Niece Un 1 Wednesbury Staffs
Breach Farm House John Nash Head Mar 44 Game Keeper Grafton Flavel Worcs
Matilda Nash Wife Mar 58 Seamstress Feckenham Worcs
James Nash Son Un 15 Ag Labourer Kidderminster Worcs
Edwin Morris Wife's son Un 16 Ag Labourer Wollaston Staffs
Red Hill John Towers Head Mar 39 Farmer of 80 Acres Aldridge Staffs
Ann Maria Towers Wife Mar 41 Farmer's wife Claverley Shrops
Robert John Towers Son Un 14 Farmer's Son Aldridge Staffs
Jane Towers Daur Un 9 Nurse Aldridge Staffs
William Matthew Towers Son Un 7 Scholar Aldridge Staffs
Alfred Towers Son Un 5 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Vincent Towers Son Un 3 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Catherine Towers Daur Un 1 Halesowen Worcs
Goodrest Farm John Potter Head Mar 54 Farmer occ.128 Acres emp. 1 man & 1 boy Goodrest Worcs
Ann Potter Wife Mar 44 Hunnington Worcs
Ellen Potter Daur Un 19 Farmer's Daughtr Hunnington Worcs
Mary Potter Daur Un 17 Farmer's Daughter Hunnington Worcs
Sarah Potter Daur Un 16 Farmer's Daughter Hunnington Worcs
Joseph Potter Son Un 14 Hunnington Worcs
John Potter Son Un 12 Farmers Son Hunnington Worcs
Annie Potter Daur Un 10 Farmers Daughtr Hunnington Worcs
George Potter Son Un 8 Farmers Son Hunnington Worcs
William Potter Son Un 6 Farmers Son Hunnington Worcs
Charles Potter Son Un 4 Farmers Son Hunnington Worcs
Elizabeth Potter Daur Un 2 Farmrs Daur Hunnington Worcs
Samuel Tilley Serv. Un 17 Carter Illey Worcs
Dovehouse Field Farm William Darby Head Mar 34 Farmer of 86 acres empl. 1 man & 1 Boy Rowley Staffs
Emma Darby Wife Mar 33 Feckenham Worcs
William Darby Son Un 10 Farmers Son Rowley Staffs
Elizabeth Darby Daur Un 8 Farmers Daur Rowley Staffs
Annie Darby Daur Un 2 Halesowen Worcs
George Darby Son Un 7 months Halesowen Worcs
George Newman Serv. Un 14 Cowlad [H]atch Lench
Jane Shore[Shaw?] Serv. Un 18 Houseservant Honeyborne Worcs
Oatenfield Farm Joseph Smart Head Mar 47 Farmer of 160 Acres empl. 6 men Halesowen Worcs
Mary Ann Smart Wife Mar 41 Halesowen Worcs
Sussanna Jane Smart Daur Un 15 Farmers Daur Halesowen Worcs
Robert Smart Son Un 13 Farmers Daur Halesowen Worcs
Joseph Smart Son Un 10 Farmers Son Halesowen Worcs
William Smart Son Un 8 Halesowen Worcs
John Green Smart Son Un 5 Halesowen Worcs
Emily Smart Daur Un 2 Halesowen Worcs
Lizza Maria Smart Daur Un 4 months Halesowen Worcs
James Ironmonger Serv Un 21 Cowman Hadman [Haddenham?] Bucks
Ann Godwin Serv Un 39 House Servant Glos
Eliza Beeman Serv Un 20 Nurse Belbroughton Worcs
Grange [Toll House top of Grange Hill] Benjamin Homer Head Mar 43 Toll Gate Collector Dudley Worcs
Sarah Louisa Homer Daur Un 11 Scholar Dudley Worcs
Charles Homer Son Un 9 Scholar Dudley Worcs
Mary Homer Daur Un 4 Scholar Wolverhampton Staffs
Grange Elizabeth Lea Smith Head Wid 60 Landed Proprietor Kingswinford Staffs
Ferdinando Dudley Lea Smith Son Un 26 Deputy Lieutenant Magistrate Halesowen Worcs
Elisabeth Phillips Morgan Vis & niece Mar 36 Kingswinford Staffs
Elisabeth Ann Morgan Vis & g.niece Un 10 Scholar Kingswinford Staffs
Ruth Grazebrook Morgan Vis & g.niece Un 9 Scholar Kingswinford Staffs
Julia Augusta Morgan Vis & g.niece Un 6 Scholar Oldswinford Worcs
Ann Jane Ca...ser [Causer?] Vis Un 37 Nurse Stamford Lincs
Thomas Brinsford Serv. Un 26 Butler Oldswinford Worcs
Thomas Harris Serv. Un 19 Footman Marton Warks
Analin Smith Serv. Un 24 Housekeeper & Cook Gladestry Radnors
Mary Ann Rudge Serv. Un 29 Housemaid Kinver Staffs
Harriet Mincher Serv. Un 17 Housemaid Kinver Staffs
Jane Price Serv Un 19 Kitchen Maid Cradley Worcs
Grange Thomas Baker Head Mar 33 Blacksmith (Master) Cradley Hth Staffs
Sarah Baker Wife Mar 34 Lutley Worcs
Ann Mariah Baker Daur Un 13 Cradley Hth Staffs
Frank Baker Son Un 10 Gibbet Lane [Halesowen] Worcs
Sarah Ann Baker Daur Un 6 Hasbury Worcs
Edward Baker Son Un 4 Hasbury Worcs
Arthur Baker Son Un 2 Blacksmith's Son Hunnington Worcs
John Baker Son Un 1 month Hunnington Worcs
Grange Josiah Male Head Mar 57 Farm Labourer Hagley Worcs
Ann Male Wife Mar 47 Washerwoman Halesowen Worcs
George Male Son Un 10 Nailor Halesowen Worcs
William Male Son Un 6 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Thomas Withers Head Mar 60 Timber Merchant Kinver Staffs
Sophia Withers Wife Mar 58 Halesowen Worcs
Elizabeth Withers G.daur Un 16 vis Halesowen Worcs
Joseph Wright Serv Un 46 Waggoner Kingswinford Staffs
Samiel Lewis Serv Un 35 Waggoner City of Worcester
Ellen Smith Serv Un 16 Houseservant Rednal Worcs
Thomas Withers Head Mar 40 Timber Merchant Halesowen Worcs
Jane Withers Wife Mar 40 Halesowen Worcs
John Withers Son Un 8 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Thomas Withers Son Un 4 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Mary Ann Withers Daur Un 21 Halesowen Worcs
Fanny Withers Daur Un 14 Halesowen Worcs
Ellen Withers Daur Un 12 Halesowen Worcs
Sophia Withers Daur Un 10 Halesowen Worcs
Sarah Jane Withers Daur Un 6 Hunnington Worcs
Mill Lane William Seaton Head Mar 49 Labourer Tamworth Warks
Phebe Seaton Wife Mar 47 Halesowen Worcs
William Seaton Son Un 23 Labourer Halesowen Worcs
Emma Seaton Daur Un 21 Nailor Halesowen Worcs
Matilda Seaton Daur Un 19 Nailor Halesowen Worcs
John Seaton Son Un 17 Mason's Server Halesowen Worcs
Mary Ann Seaton Daur Un 15 Nailor Halesowen Worcs
Thomas Seaton Son Un 13 Nailor Halesowen Worcs
Sarah Seaton Daur Un 10 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Joseph Seaton Son Un 8 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Lousia Seaton Daur Un 6 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Sarah Ann Seaton G'daur Un 1 Halesowen Worcs
Mill Lane Stephen Waldron Head Mar 27 Nailforger Hasbury Worcs
Ann Waldron Wife Mar 27 Nailforger's wife Lappal Worcs
Hunnington Hannah Withers Head Wid 73 Shopkeeper Broseley Shrops
Samuel Withers Son Un 34 Shoe Maker Hunnington Worcs
Hunnington James White Head Mar 32 Bricklayer Birmingham Warks
Ann White Wife Mar 30 Birmingham Warks
Elizabeth White Daur Un 6 Birmingham Warks
Susan White Daur Un 2 Swansea Glam
Hunnington Phebe Higgs on a visit (then crossed out)
Sarah Turnley Head (then crosed out)
George Turnley Son Un 39 Farm Labourer Halesowen Worcs
Richard Turnley Son Un 34 Farmer Romsley Worcs
George Turnley Jones G'son Un 8 visitor Brierley Hill Staffs
Ann Withers Vis Un 32 Housekeeper Hunnington Worcs
Sarah Ann Green G'daur Un 11 visitor Romsley Worcs
Breach Farm House Joseph Morris Head Mar 28 Game Keeper Kinver Staffs
Maria Morris Wife Mar 38 Wooton Warks
Eliza Matilda Morris Daur Un 1 Clent Worcs
Mill Lane 2U [U = unoccupied]
Yew Tree Farmhouse 1U
Reddill 2U

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