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Hunnington Census, 1871

1871 Census Records for Hunnington

Name of Street, Place or Road, and Name or No. of HouseNameSurnameRelation to Head of FamilyConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Yew Tree Farm Joseph Turner Head Mar 34 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Emma Turner Wife Mar 29 Farm Labourer Wild Moor Worcs
Frederick Turner Son Un 8 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Jos. Albert Turner Son Un 5 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Bertha Annie Turner Daur Un 2 Hunnington Worcs
Grocer's shop Hannah Withers Head Wid 83 Grocer Bros[e]ley Shrops
Samuel Withers Son Un 45 Cardwainer Hunnington Worcs
Ann Withers Daur Un 43 Laundress Hunnington Worcs
Private House Philip Lashford Head Mar 52 Hay Cutter Hagley Worcs
Ann Lashford Wife Mar 44 Laundress Churchill Worcs
Joseph Lashford Son Un 21 Hay Cutter Hunnington Worcs
John Lashford G'father Widr 83 Labourer Broughton
Mary Ann Lashford G'daur Un 3 Scholar Lutley
Sun Inn Thomas Potter Head Mar 45 License Victualler Wrexham Denbighs
Elizabeth Potter Wife Mar 49 Kiddermin'r Worcs
William Potter Son Un 22 Brewer Kiddermin'r Worcs
Schoolhouse David Moore Head Mar 31 School Teacher Rowley Staffs
Jane Moore Wife Mar 28 School Teacher Frankley Worcs
Mabel Moore Daur Un 1 Frankley Worcs
May Jane Moore Daur Un 7 mo Hunnington Worcs
Porch House Farm James Henry Hingley Head Un 48 Farmer of 70 acres empl. 1 man & two boys Cradley Staffs
Upper Field House William Osborne Head Mar 48 Farmer of 250 acres empl. 4 men & 2 Boys Old Swinford Worcs
Ann Osborne Wife Mar 38 Farmer Wife ..Ilfe.t [Kilpeck]Heref
Samuel Willetts Edwards Nephew Un 4 Hagley Hill Worcs
Priscilla Watts Serv Un 13 General Servant Bromsgrove Worcs
Eli Powell Serv Un 14 General Servant Hunnington Worcs
Lower House Farm Thomas Bissell Head Mar 43 Farmer of 570 acres empl. 16 men & boys Halesowen Worcs
Annie H.R. Bissell Wife Mar 33 Farmer's Wife Birmingham Warks
Tom Bissell Son Un 2 Farmer's Son Halesowen Worcs
Annie Bissell Daur Un 10 mo farmer's Daughter Halesowen Worcs
Jane Blea Serv Un 30 Domestic Serv Banbury Oxford
Elizabeth Ash Serv Un 32 Nurse Birmingham Warks
Milbrough Kennet Serv Un 34 Domestic Serv Greet Shrops
Cottage George Powell Head Mar 45 Farm Labourer Hunnington Worcs
Emma Powell Daur Un 13 Hunnington Worcs
Eliza Powell Daur Un 8 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Jane Powell Daur Un 5 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
George Powell Son Un 3 Hunnington Worcs
Red Hill Thomas Darby Head Un 38 Farm Labourer Illy[Illey] Worcs
Breach Edward Crump Head Mar 33 Game Keeper Kinver Worcs
Elizabeth Crump Wife Mar 29 Perry Bar Warwick.
Sarah Jane Crump Daur Un 7 Bromyard [Heref]
Fredrick Crump Son Un 6 Hurcott Heref.
Edward Crump Son Un 4 Hunnington Worcs
Emily Crump Daur Un 2 Hunnington Worcs
Breach John Powell Head Mar 38 Ag Labourer Hunnington Worcs
Emma Powell Wife Mar 34 Northfield Worcs
George Powell Son Un 8 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Thomas Powell Son Un 6 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Sarah Ann Powell Daur Un 4 Hunnington Worcs
Mary Jane Powell Daur Un 2
Red Hill Farm Maria Towers Head Mar 50 Farmer of 88 acres empl. 2 Boys & 1 Woman Claverley Shrops
Alfred Towers Son Un 16 Farmer's Son Halesowen Worcs
Vincent Towers Son Un 14 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Catherine Towers Daur Un 11 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
George Towers Son Un 7 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Dove House Fields Wiliam Darby Head Mar 44 Farmer of 86 acres Empl. 1 Labourer & 1 boy Rowley Staffs
Emma Darby Wife Mar 43 Farmer's Wife Feckenham Worcs
William H Darby Son Un 20 Farmer's Son Rowley Staffs
Elizabeth Darby Daur Un 18 Farmer's Daur Rowley Staffs
Annie Darby Daur Un 12 Farmer's Daur Halesowen Worcs
George Darby Son Un 10 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Harry Darby Son Un 4 Halesowen Worcs
Emily Darby Daur Un 7 Halesowen Worcs
Good Rest [Farm] John Potter Head Mar 64 Farmer of 130 acres Empl. 1 Man Halesowen Worcs
Ann Potter Wife Mar 51 Farmer's Wife Halesowen Worcs
Sarah Potter Daur Un 26 Farmer's Daughter Halesowen Worcs
John Potter Son Un 22 Farmer's Son Halesowen Worcs
Annie Potter Daur Un 20 Pupil Teacher Halesowen Worcs
George Potter Son Un 18 Farmers Son Halesowen Worcs
William Potter Son Un 16 Grocer Halesowen Worcs
Elizabeth Potter Daur Un 12 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Emily Potter Daur Un 10 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Oatenfield Farm Joseph Smart Head Mar 57 Farmer of 188 acres Empl.3 labourers Halesowen Worcs
Mary Ann Smart Wife Mar 51 Wife Halesowen Worcs
Susan Jane Smart Daur Un 24 Halesowen Worcs
Robert Smart Son Un 22 Halesowen Worcs
Joseph Smart Son Un 19 Halesowen Worcs
William Smart Son Un 17 Halesowen Worcs
John G Smart Son Un 15 Halesowen Worcs
Emily Smart Daur Un 12 Halesowen Worcs
Lizzie Maria Smart Daur Un 10 Halesowen Worcs
Edith Smart Daur Un 5 Halesowen Worcs
Alice Smart Daur Un 5 Halesowen Worcs
Emma Higgs Serv Un 21 Domestic Serv Halesowen Worcs
Alice Seward Serv Un 18 Domestic Serv Halesowen Worcs
Toll House [Reverts to private dwelling when Toll Gates removed in 1876] William Hatton Head Mar 46 Spade Tree Maker & Toll Coll'r Stambermill Worcs
Martha Hatton Wife Mar 41 Toll Collector Netherwood Heref.
Matthew Samuel Hatton Son Un 16 Royal Navy Boy on leave Netherwood Heref.
Mary Hatton Daur Un 10 Scholar Ponclement Monmouth
Isaac Hatton Son Un 7 Scholar Cfny Crieg [Cefn] Monmouth
Georgina Hope Hatton Daur Un 5 Scholar Travellers Seat [Rest?] Monmouth
Ada Martha Hatton Daur Un 4 Grange Toll H. Worcs
Grange Hill Charles Richard Mosley [Moseley] Head Mar 38 Farmer of 78 acres & Miller empl. 2 labourers Halesowen Worcs
May Mosley Wife Mar 37 Assistant Miller Halesowen Worcs
George Wilden Serv Un 22 F Servt [illegible] Tardebigge Worcs
Emily Budd Serv Un 20 Domestic Serv Rhuabben Wales [Ruabon Denb.]
Grange Ferdinando Dudley Lea Smith Head Mar 36 Justice of the Peace & Land Owner Halesowen Worcs
Amy Sophia Lea Smith Wife Mar 26 G't Budworth Cheshire
Lilian Amy Lea Smith Daur Un 1 Halesowen Worcs
Thomas Harris Serv Un 29 Butler Domestic Marton Warks
Catherine Pearson Serv Un 27 Cook Domestic Durham
Margaret Pashley Serv Un 28 Nurse Domestic Darley Derby
Elizabeth Taylor Serv Un 22 Lady's Maid Domestic Darley Derby
Elizabeth Rushton Serv Un 18 Laundry Maid Domestic Darley Notts
Mary Hicking Serv Un 26 Housemaid Domestic Ripley Derby
Hannah Waldron Serv Un 19 Kitchenmaid Clent Worcs
Emma Gratton Serv Un 18 Kitchenmaid Domestic Derby[?]
Thomas Till Serv Un 19 Groom Domestic Bromsgrove Worcs
Frederick Perkins Serv Un 18 Footman Repton on Dunmore [Ryton on Dunsmore] Warwick
Woodman Inn Thomas Withers Head Mar 49 Timber Merchant Halesowen Worcs
Jane Withers Wife Mar 50 Timber Merchant's wife Halesowen Worcs
Fanny Withers Daur Un 24 Household duties Halesowen Worcs
Ellen Withers Daur Un 22 Household duties Halesowen Worcs
John Withers Son Un 17 Timber Merchant's Son Halesowen Worcs
Sarah Jane Withers Daur Un 15 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Thomas Withers Son Un 13 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Alice Maria Withers Daur Un 8 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Samuel Lewis Serv Un 38 Timber Hauling Enville Staffs
Joseph Wright Serv Un 40 Timber Hauling Hereford Heref.
Strange this: The enumerator for this 1871 census was the village schoolmaster, David Moore yet here was another schoolmaster named Mawer, phonetically the same name. Moore came to the village in 1870 Samuel Mawer Head Mar 22 Certificated Master Lincoln
Maria Mawer Wife Mar 22 Certificated Mistress Bures [Possibly Bury St. Edmunds] Suffolk
Ernest Wm. Mawer Son Un 3 mo Halesowen Worcs
Julia Mawer Sister Un 15 Candidate for Pupil T'chr Lincolnshire
Matilda Har Hollies G.Serv Un 17 Domestic Serv Rowley Staffs
John Rudge Head Mar 52 Labourer Halesowen Worcs
Elizabeth Rudge Wife Mar 49 Nail Forger Halesowen Worcs
Elizabeth Hodgkins Niece Un 4 Halesowen Worcs
William Leighton Head Mar 57 Labourer Tamworth Warks
Phoebe Leighton Wife Mar 56 Quinton Worcs
Joseph Leighton Son Un 19 Labourer Illey Worcs
Lucy Leighton Daur Un 16 Hunnington Worcs
William Leighton Son Un 6 Hunnington Worcs
Edmund Grinscald Head Mar 31 Labourer Halesowen Worcs
Matilda Grinscald Wife Mar 29 Nailforger Halesowen Worcs
Elizabeth Grinscald Daur Un 6 Halesowen Worcs
Eliza Grinscald Daur Un 4 Halesowen Worcs
Stephen Waldron Head Mar 37 Nailforger & Methodist Local Preacher Halesowen Worcs
Ann Waldron Wife Mar 37 Nail Forger Halesowen Worcs
Hollies Farm Philip Phillips Head Mar 39 Farmer of 50 acres Empl. 1 boy Hill Top Worcs
Emily Phillips Wife Mar 35 Wife Tenbury Worcs
Frank Phillips Son Un 12 Son Bromsgrove Worcs
Ralph Phillips Son Un 11 Son Bromsgrove Worcs
Alice Phillips Daur Un 9 Scholar Clent Worcs
Harry Phillips Son Un 7 Scholar Clent Worcs
Fredrick Phillips Son Un 6 Scholar Clent Worcs
Robert Phillips Son Un 4 Clent Worcs
Charles Phillips Son Un 2 Hunnington Worcs
Isabella Phillips Daur Un 1

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