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Hunnington Census, 1881

1881 Census Records for Hunnington

Name of Street, Place or Road, and Name or No. of House



Relation to Head of Family



Rank, Profession or Occupation

Where Born

Bromsgrove Rd Stephen Waldron Head Mar 47 Nailer Hasbury Worcs
Ann Waldron Wife Mar 47 Nailer Halesowen Worcs
Bromsgrove Rd Phoebe Layton [Leighton] Head Wid 70 Halesowen Worcs
William Layton G.son Un 16 General Labourer Halesowen Worcs
Thomas Layton G.son Un 8 Halesowen Worcs
George Shurhem [Suspect enum.error. Likely Surman as fams. of that name in Hales Owen] Lodger Un 23 General Labourer Halesowen Worcs
Bromsgrove Rd Edward Greenhill Head Mar 42 Bricklayer Halesowen Worcs
Matilda Greenhill Wife Mar 41 Nailer Halesowen Worcs
Eliza Greenhill Dau 14 Halesowen Worcs
Harry Greenhill Son 9 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Amy Greenhill Dau 7 Halesowen Worcs
Phoebe Greenhil Dau 2 Halesowen Worcs
Bromsgrove Rd Mary Coley Head Un 50 Nailer Illy Worcs
Sarah Ann Coley Niece Un 24 Nailer Hasbury Worcs
Bromsgrove Road Jane Withers Head Wid 59 Nailer Hasbury Worcs
Sarah Jane Powell Dau Mar 25 Nailer Hasbury Worcs
Alice Maria Withers Dau Un 18 Nailer Hasbury Worcs
Thomas Withers G'son 4 Hasbury Worcs
Woodman Inn John Withers Head Mar 27 Publican and Farmer of 14 Acres Halesowen Worcs
Ann Maria Withers Wife Mar 26 Halesowen Worcs
Annie E Withers Dau 3 Halesowen Worcs
Alice S Withers Dau 1 Halesowen Worcs
Mary Ann Rudge Serv 14 Domestic Servant Old Hill Staffs
John Caradine 16 Domestic Servant Cradley Staffs
Gate Cottage [was Toll House until 1876] Thomas Fleet Head Mar 54 Farm Labourer Halesowen Worcs
Ann Maria Fleet Wife Mar 47 Northfield Worcs
Ruth Fleet G'dau 11 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Oaten Fields Farm Mary Ann Smart Head Wid 61 Annuitant Halesowen Worcs
Joseph Smart Son Un 30 Farmer of 117 acres Halesowen Worcs
William Smart Son Un 28 Farmer of 150 acres [Frankley parish] Halesowen Worcs
Lizzie Maria Smart Son Un 20 Halesowen Worcs
Harry Smart G'son 5 Halesowen Worcs
Louisa Rawlins Serv. Un 21 Dairymaid Halesowen Worcs
Sarah Ann Coley Serv. Un 17 Domestic Servant Halesowen Worcs
Good Rest Farm Ann Potter Head Wid 61 Farmer of 155 Acres Halesowen Worcs
John Potter Son Un 32 Farmer's Son Halesowen Worcs
George Potter Son Un 28 Farmer's Son Halesowen Worcs
Elizabeth Potter Dau Un 21 Halesowen Worcs
Emily Potter Dau Un 19 School Teacher Halesowen Worcs
Ann Lashford Visitor Wid 55 Hagley Worcs
Eleanor Lees Visitor 6 Herefordshire
Elizabeth H Moyle Visitor 4 Blackheath Staffs
George Harkes [Harker] Serv. Un 20 Farm Labourer Worc Worcs.
Hollies Farm Henry Crumpton Head Mar 48 Farm Labourer Romsley Worcs
Emma Crumpton Wife Mar 48 Halesowen Worcs
George Crumpton Son Un 18 General Servant Romsley Worcs
Emma Crumpton Dau 13 Romsley Worcs
Joseph James Lodger Un 20 General Servant Bromsgrove Worcs
Pool House Farm [Horse Pool Farm] John Cattell Head Mar 64 Farm Bailiff Droitwich Worcs
Mary Cattell Wife Mar 65 Catshill Worcs
Ann Maria Cattell Dau Un 43 Cradley Staffs
Porch House Farm Jas. Henry Hingley Head Un 56 Farmer of 126 acres Cradley Staffs
Mary Haden H'k'r Wid 57 Illy Worcs
Stuart I Haden Boarder 12 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Yew Tree Farm Joseph Turner Head Mar 43 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Emma Turner Wife Mar 39 Romsley Worcs
Albert Turner Son 15 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Bertha Turner Dau 11 Romsley Worcs
Lizzie Turner Dau 9 Romsley Worcs
Annie Turner Dau 7 Romsley Worcs
Polie [Polly] Turner Dau 5 Romsley Worcs
Alvin Turner Son 3 Romsley Worcs
Beatrice Turner Dau 1 Romsley Worcs
Robert Baker Lodger Un 40 General Labourer Not known [Probably working on the Halesowen-Rubery Railway - "Railway Navvies"]
William Plever Lodger Un 21 General Labourer Not known [see note above]
Henry Hopkins Lodger Un 20 General Labourer Not known [see note above]
Back Lane Eliza E Davies [Wid of William Davies see Rom. 1871] Head Wid 45 Truckhill Shrops
George H Davies Son 17 Blacksmith Romsley Worcs
Emma L Davies Dau 16 Dressmaker Romsley Worcs
Allen Davies Son 14 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Ernest W Davies Son 13 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Sarah Ann Davies Dau 10 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Martin Davies Son 9 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Ada W Davies Dau 7 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Thomas A Davies Son 5 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Effy E[Effie Eliza[This is the Effie Tatton whose diary forms Part VII of the Series 'Some Papers Concerning the History of Romsley'] Davies Dau 3 Romsley Worcs
Ruth Davies Dau 11 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Back Lane Ann Withers Head Un 52 Grocer Romsley Worcs
Samuel Withers Brother Un 54 Shoemaker Romsley Worcs
Sun Inn Frederick Hall Head Mar 22 Publican Coventry Warks
Susan Mary Hall Wife Mar 21 Weston-S-M Somerset
Alice Hall Dau 1 mo Hunnington Worcs
Mary Ann Chick M-in-law Wid 45 Annuitant Ireland
Bertha Symonds Serv 16 Domestic Servant Halesowen Worcs
Schoolhouse Charles Tarran Head Mar 24 Elementary School Teacher London Surrey [Was actually born in Folkestone]
Sarah Ann Tarran [nee Curling] Wife Mar 23 Nil[Incorrect.Mrs. Tarran was a school teacher who taught Romsley infants while her husband taught the seniors] Cherilon Kent
Lower House Farm Edward Bonham Head Mar 39 Farm Labourer Rowton Worcs
Emma Bonham Wife Mar 39 West-on-the Grn Oxford
Alice Bonham Dau 13 Nechells Warks
Joseph I Bonham Son 4 Rocky Lane Warks
Emma Bonham Dau 3 mo Hunnington Worcs
The Breach Edward Crump Head Mar 43 Gamekeeper Kinver Staffs
Elizabeth Crump Wife Mar 38 Birmingham Warks
Emily Crump Dau 12 Halesowen Worcs
Henry Crump Son 9 Halesowen Worcs
Sidney Crump Son 6 mo Halesowen Worcs
The Breach John Towers Head Widr 59 Farmer Unemployed Aldridge Staffs
Vincent Towers Son Un 23 Farmer's son unemployed Halesowen Worcs
Catherine M Towers Dau Un 20 Halesowen Worcs
Dove House Fields Emma Darby Head Wid 53 Farmer of 200 acres Feckenham Worcs
William Darby Son Un 30 Farmer's son Rowley Staffs
Lizzie Darby Dau Un 28 Rowley Staffs
Emily Darby Dau Un 17 Halesowen Worcs
Harry Darby Son Un 14 Halesowen Worcs
Annie Cooper Vis 5 Northfield Warks
Clara Greaten Serv Un 20 Domestic Serv. Wednesbury Staffs
The Grange F D Lea Smith [Ferdinando Dudley Lea-Smith - Local grandee and heir to the Barony of Dudley. His ancestor Lord Dudley was friend and neighbour of Wm. Shenstone of the Leasowes, the Landscape Gardener-Poet] Head Mar 46 Magistrate Halesowen Worcs
Amy Sophia Lea Smith Wife Mar 36 Budworth Cheshire
Lilian Lea Smith Dau Un 11 Halesowen Worcs
F D Lea Smith Son Un 9 Halesowen Worcs
Edith Laura Holbeche Vis Un 20 Sutton C'fd Warks
Ann Dawson Serv Un 60 Housekeeper Domestic
Walter Blakemore Serv Un 32 Butler Domestic Crediton Devon
Fanny Cartwright Serv Un 32 Housemaid Domestic Errington Staffs
Sarah Hannay Serv Un 26 Laundry Maid Domestic Malvern Worcs
Martha Medlicott [Sister to Effie Tatton - see above reference. The correct name should be Martha Medlicott Davies. Confusion only to be cleared up by reference to family tree.] Serv Un 23 Cook Domestic Hunnington Worcs
Lucy Powell Serv Un 17 Housemaid Domestic Malvern Link Worcs
Emily Knight Serv Un 14 Housemaid Domestic B'ham Warks
Alice Grove Serv Serv 16 Kitchenmaid Domestic Halesowen Worcs
Charles Smith Serv Un 30 Groom Domestic Stourbridge Worcs
The Grange Mill [This, together with Romsley "New Mill (later Shutt Mill) was one of several mills belonging to the Hales Owen Abbey to which the local peasants were obliged to bring their corn for grinding.]address1 Charles Moseley Head Mar 48 Farmer of 78 acres & Miller Halesowen Worcs
Mary Moseley Wife Mar 47 Halesowen Worcs
Georgina Pearman Niece Un 12 Halesowen Worcs
Ann Petford Serv Un 18 General Servant Inkborough [Inkberrow]


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