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Hunnington Census, 1891

1891 Census Records for Hunnington

Name of Street, Place or Road, and Name or No. of HouseNameSurnameRelation to Head of FamilyConditionAgeRank, Profession or OccupationWhere Born
Yew Tree Farm William H Southwell Head Mar 57 Farmer Spring Hill Halesowen Worcs
Back Lane (St. Kenelm's Road) Eliza E Davies Head Wid 55 Living on own means [Truckhill] Shrops
Ernest W Davies Son Un 22 Ag Labourer Romsley Worcs
Ruth Davies Daur Un 21 Romsley Worcs
Matthew L Davies Son Un 18 Blacksmith Romsley Worcs
Thomas A Davies Son Un 15 Blacksmith Apprentice Romsley Worcs
Effie E Davies [Later Effie Tatton - see History of Romsley, Part VII 'A Romsley Childhood'] Daur Un 13 Romsley Worcs
Harold J Davies G'son 5 mo Hunnington Worcs
Back Lane George H Davies Head Mar 27 Blacksmith Romsley Worcs
Mary A Davies [nee Smith] Wife Mar 24 Romsley Worcs
Edith M Davies Daur Un 1 Romsley Worcs
Back Lane Ann Withers Head Un 62 Grocer Hunnington Worcs
Sun Inn Margaret Robinson Head Wid 49 Publican Ulverston Lancs
Margaret Robinson Daur Un 20 Ulverston Lancs
John Robinson Son Un 18 Coal Dealer Ulverston Lancs
Florence Robinson Daur Un 16 Ulverston Lancs
Isabel Robinson Daur Un 14 Ulverston Lancs
Robert Robinson Son Un 12 Scholar Ulverston Lancs
Nellie Robinson Daur Un 10 Scholar Worcester
Edward Higgin G'father Widr 79 Retired Ulverston Lancs
School House Charles Tarran Head Mar 34 Schoolmaster London Surrey [Incorrect information - he was born at Dover]
Sarah A Tarran Wife Mar 33 Assistant [School] Cheriton Kent
Ethel Tarran Daur Un 9 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Hilda M Tarran Daur Un 5 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Porch House James H Hingley Head Mar 64 Agriculturalist Cradley Staffs
Field House Edward Bonham Head Mar 49 Farm Bailiff Warks
Emma Bonham Wife Mar 49 Oxford
Alice A Bonham Daur Un 23 Dress Maker Birmingham
Joseph I Bonham Son Un 14 Works on the Farm Birmingham
Emma I Bonham Daur Un 10 Scholar Worcs
Edward W Bonham Son Un 7 Scholar Worcs
Horse Pool F Thomas Crumpton Head Mar 29 Railway Drayman Hunnington Worcs
Alice Crumpton Wife Mar 28 Northfield Worcs
Horsepool Farm James Deeley Head Un 33 Thrashing Machine Prop'r Cakemore Worcs
George Deeley Father Mar 79 Ag Labourer Quinton Worcs
Elizabeth Deeley Mother Mar 71 Quinton Worcs
Mary Deeley Niece 6 Scholar Illey Worcs
Holly Hurst James Griffiths Head Mar 30 Chain Makers Assistant Rowley Regis Staffs
Mary A Griffiths Wife Mar 31 Rowley Regis Staffs
John V Griffiths Son Un 5 Scholar Dudley Worcs
George N Griffiths Son Un 5 Scholar Dudley Worcs
Lavinia N Griffiths Daur 3 Rowley Regis Staffs
Annie T Griffiths Daur 10 mo Hunnington Worcs
Mary A Davenport Serv Un 19 Domestic Servant Clent Worcs
Hollies Farm Edwin Coley Serv Un 26 Bailiff Belbroughton Worcs
Sarah Coley Vis Un 38 Cakemore Worcs
Frank Coley Serv Un 16 Farm Labourer Illey Worcs
Breach Farm Edward Crump Head Mar 53 Game Keeper Kinver Staffs
Elizabeth Crump Wife Mar 48 Hagley Rd Worcs
Henry Crump Son Un 19 No occupation Hunnington Worcs
Ada A E Akers Vis Un 18 Birmingham Warks
Breach Farm Henry Tanner Head Mar 44 Farm Servant Bidford Warks
Mary Tanner Wife Mar 44 Marciff [?] Warks
Charles H Tannner Son Un 17 Farm Servant Mappleborough Green Warks
George Bryant [Bryan] Lodger Un 18 Farm Servant Clent Worcs
Bertha A Wood Visitor 11 Scholar Belbroughton Worcs
Annie Deeley Visitor 8 Scholar Romsley Worcs
Red Hill Farm Joseph Weston Head Mar 30 Ag Labourer Cradley H[th] Staffs
Henrietta E Weston Wife Mar 25 Cradley H Staffs
Frederick E Weston Son 5 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Beatrice R Hampton niece 7 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Railway St House [Station] John Harris Head Mar 35 Railway St Master Bransford Worcs
Elizabeth Harris Wife Mar 30 Bilston Staffs
Alice Harris Daur Un 9 Scholar Bilston Staffs
Annie Harris Daur Un 7 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Florence Harris Daur Un 5 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Lottie Harris Daur 2 Hunnington Worcs
Goodrest Farm Thomas Mobley Head Mar 66 Farm Servant Charlecote Warks
Elizabeth Mobley Wife Mar 64 Stratford upon Avon
George Mobley Son Mar 40 Ag Labourer Hampton Lucy
Arthur Mobley Son Mar 34 Ag Labourer Hampton Lucy
Rose Jakeman G'daur Un 16 Domestic Servant Warwick
Dove House Fields David Bridge Head Mar 44 Farmer Dudley Worcs
Mary Bridge Wife Mar 43 Dudley Worcs
James Bridge Son Un 18 Horse Breaker Dudley Worcs
Sarah E Bridge Daur Un 17 Dudley Worcs
Mary H Bridge Daur Un 14 Dudley Worcs
David Bridge Son Un 11 Scholar Rowley Regis Staffs
Leonard E Bridge Son 10 Scholar Rowley Regis Staffs
Annie E Bridge Daur 8 Bromsgrove Worcs
Joseph Deeley Boarder Un 16 Farm Labourer Northfield Worcs
Oaten Fields [Farm] Joseph Cattell Head Mar 37 Nail and Chain Manufactr Hunnington Worcs
Mary I Cattell Wife Mar 37 Catshill Worcs
Alice M Cattell Daur 12 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Edith R Cattell Daur 9 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Helen Farmer Visitor Un 44 Living on her own means Droitwich Worcs
Alice Hunt Serv Un 17 Domestic Servant Stow on the Wold Glos
Henry Brighton Serv Un 40 Catshill Worcs
Grange Cottage [Formerly Toll House] Robert Murrell Head Mar 34 Blacksmith Dudley Port Staffs
Mary J Murrell Wife Mar 34 London
George E Murrell Son Un 11 Scholar Cradley Staffs
Amy B Murrell Daur Un 9 Scholar Oldswinford Worcs
Sarah H Murrell Daur 6 Scholar Cradley Worcs
Robert W Murrell Son 4 Oldswinford Worcs
Thomas E Murrell Son 1 Cradley Worcs
The Grange Ferdinando D L [Dudley Lea] Smith Head Widr 56 Local JP [Magistrate] Halesowen Worcs
Ferdinando W L [William Lea] Smith Son Un 19 Army Student Halesowen Worcs
Lilian A L Smith Daur Un 21 Halesowen Worcs
Helen L Glazebrook [Grazebrook] Visitor Un 30 Art Student Hagley Worcs
John Maiden Serv Un 27 Coachman Broadwater Kidderminster Worcs
Elizabeth S Taylor Serv Un 37 Cook Rockfield Merionethshire
Albert Moore Serv Un 29 Footman Gloucester
Lydia A Moore Serv Un 23 Housemaid Pembray Carmarthenshire
Sarah Higgs Serv Un 17 Housemaid Halesowen Worcs
Mary Fielding Serv Un 15 Kitchenmaid Halesowen Worcs
Woodman Inn John Withers Head Mar 37 Inn Keeper Hunnington Worcs
Ann M Withers Wife Mar 36 Halesowen Worcs
Thomas Withers Son Un 14 Halesowen Worcs
Annie E Withers Daur 13 Halesowen Worcs
Alice S Withers Daur 11 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Maud A Withers Daur 9 Scholr Halesowen Worcs
John B Withers Son 8 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Samuel H Withers Son 7 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Charles S Withers Son 1 Halesowen Worcs
Mill Lane John Clarke Head Mar 40 Gardener Halesowen Worcs
Mary A Clarke Wife Mar 35 Charwoman Overend Worcs
John A Clarke Son Un 18 Smith's Striker Halesowen Worcs
Walter Clarke Son Un 13 Errand Boy Halesowen Worcs
Charlotte P Clarke Daur 10 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Frederick A Clarke Son 7 Scholar Hunnington Worcs
Mill Lane William Rose Head Mar 26 Bill [Hook] Mender [Cutler] Halesowen Worcs
Lucy Rose Wife Mar 29 Nailer Bartley Green Worcs
Sarah A Rose Daur Un 3 Hunnington Worcs
Walter Rose Son 1 Hunnington Worcs
Mill Lane William Sawyer Head Mar 28 Bill Hook Mender [Cutler] Halesowen Worcs
Elizabeth Sawyer Wife Mar 29 Halesowen Worcs
Mary A Sawyer Daur 3 Halesowen Worcs
Unice Sawyer Daur 2 Halesowen Worcs
Mill Lane Stephen Waldron Head Mar 57 Jobbing Gardener & Nailer Hasbury Worcs
Ann Waldron Wife Mar 57 Lapal Worcs
Elizabeth Pratt Adopted Daur Un 11 Scholar London
Rose Pratt Adopted Daur Un 9 Scholar London
Mill Lane Thomas Coley Head Mar 57 Waggoner Halesowen Worcs
Sarah A Coley Wife Mar 35 Stourbridge Worcs
Frances Coley Daur Un 11 Nursing Halesowen Worcs
Beatrice Coley Daur 8 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Harriett Coley Daur 6 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Tom Coley Son 5 Scholar Halesowen Worcs
Joseph Coley Son 3 Halesowen Worcs
Lucy Coley Daur 2 Halesowen Worcs
Mill Lane James Plant Head Mar 21 Butcher Lichfield Staffs
Gertrude M Plant Wife Mar 20 Stafford
Grange Mill Charles Rch. Mosley [Moseley] Head Widr 58 Farmer & Miller Halesowen Worcs
Mary A Witheridge Serv Un 38 Domestic Servant Halesowen Worcs

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