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Census Data

Transcriptions of the census returns are listed below. Each one opens as a single continuous list. 

Most of the terms used are self-explanatory but there are a few which may not be obvious:

  • Ag Lab - agricultural labourer
  • FS - female servant
  • DO ditto - repeating the line above
  • The age of babies may be given in months '6m' or weeks '12w'.

Although the data from these documents is in the public domain, please respect the work we have done to put this information online and do not reproduce it without acknowledgement.

1 Hunnington Census, 1841
2 Hunnington Census, 1851
3 Hunnington Census, 1861
4 Hunnington Census, 1871
5 Hunnington Census, 1881
6 Hunnington Census, 1891
7 Hunnington Census, 1901
8 Hunnington Census, 1911
9 Romsley Census, 1841
10 Romsley Census, 1851
11 Romsley Census, 1861
12 Romsley Census, 1871
13 Romsley Census, 1881
14 Romsley Census, 1891
15 Romsley Census, 1901
16 Romsley Census, 1911

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