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The History of the Society

An exhibition entitled 'Romsley and Hunnington in History' was held in St Kenelm's Church Hall from 21-26 May 1966. In all, 700 people came to see the exhibition. Many names appear in the attendance book from all parts of Romsley and Hunnington, but as well as these local residents people from further afield added their names, addresses and comments. Niall Archibald from Malaya is there; a person from Herringfleet near Lowestoft, Suffolk; an F.A. Copley from Finchley, London N3; someone from County Armagh, Northern Ireland, plus many others from various parts of the Midlands.

There was a column for comments to be added and whilst most of these said 'interesting', 'very interesting', 'extremely interesting', some comments were very positive and stand out from the rest. Michelle Duffy from Farley Croft, Farley Lane, said she 'loved it'. Five people described it as 'fab'. F H. Siddall of Hunnington said it was her third visit and 'like Oliver Twist I could still ask for more'. S. Cockin of Halesowen wrote that it was 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'. A certain Julian Hunt of Ebury House, Romsley had written 'all my own work' and D.J. Copley of The Rectory had added his own pithy remark that 'Romsley and Hunnington in history' makes Romsley and Hunnington history.

With the success of this exhibition and the enthusiasm of the hundreds of visitors a meeting was called with the object of setting up a history society. The meeting was held in St Kenelm's church hall on 13 June 1966 and attended by the 25 people named below:

Dr Johnson Ball, Stourbridge
L. Bevan, Romsley
G. Brookes, Romsley
J.L. Brown, Romsley
Miss P.G.H. Cooke, Bromsgrove
Rev D.J. Copley, Romsley
Dr Hilary Davies, Romsley
Dr John M. Davies, Romsley
A.M. Green, Hunnington
K. Gregory, Halesowen
A.B. Harper, Hunnington
J. Hunt, Romsley
J.M. Hunt, Romsley
Miss J. Holloway, Romsley
W.R. Johnson, Hunnington
F.J. Kenny, Romsley
Mrs E. Levett, Romsley
G.A. Limb, Quinton
Miss I. Masters, Hunnington
W.H. Masters, Hunnington
A.H. Masters, Bromsgrove
S.J. Tranter, Romsley
R.E. Warton, Hayley Green
Miss K.A.E Wilton, Bromsgrove
A. Woodcock, Romsley

The meeting agreed to form the society, which is still flourishing today. A constitution was later written, giving an annual subscription of 10s. and 5s. for members receiving full-time education or persons over 60 years of age.

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