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St Kenelm's Marriages (1738-1753)

Prior to 1753 baptisms, marriages and burials were recorded in a single parish register (known as a composite register). A small number of marriages at Romsley St Kenelms for the period 1738-1753 (28 in total) are listed here. These were originally transcribed by Eric Humphreys and included in Part X of 'Some Papers Concerning the History of Romsley'.

Marriage registers after this period are under preparation and will be published on this site in due course.


Searching this Dataset

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ID Year Father Mother
21 1752 Samuil Sibetter of Rouly Isbel Smalman of Old Swinverd
22 1752 John Bell of West Bromich Ester Neuey [Newey] of Rouly
23 1753 John Cole Hanh Willets of Rouly
24 1753 Beny Richards Elizbeth Bate
25 1753 Edward Palmer Ann Lindon
26 1753 John Bosworth Sarah Wall
27 1753 John Downing Martha Siv[i]ter

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