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St Kenelm's Baptisms (1736-1812)

This database contains Romsley St Kenelms baptisms from 1736-1812. These were originally transcribed by Eric Humphreys and included in Part X of 'Some Papers Concerning the History of Romsley'.

Baptisms for the period 1813-1841 have been transcribed separately and can be browsed on this site.


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Year Firstname Surname
1746 Aaron Pery
1812 Harriot Phillips
1811 Ann Potter
1810 Elenor Potter
1812 Eliz. Potter
1812 Eliz. Potter
1802 Elizabeth Potter
1803 Elizabeth Potter
1804 Elizabeth Potter
1805 George Potter
1740 Hannah Potter
1809 John Potter
1806 Joseph Potter
1756 Mary Potter
1807 Mary Potter
1809 Samuel Potter
1774 William Potter
1810 William Potter
1753 Hanh Poull
1762 Joseph Powel

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