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Wills, Administrations and Inventories for the two villages are being transcribed under the Romsley & Hunnington History Project. The Project is funded by the generous bequest of Robert Deeley, for many years a strong supporter of the work of the Romsley and Hunnington History Society. The wills of most testators were proved at Worcester and are now preserved in the Worcestershire Record Office. The Record Office has microfilms of all these wills from which copies can be made.

Our database currently comprises around 150 entries spanning from the 16th to the 19th centuries, many with transcripts of the original documents. If there is no transcript associated with a particular record, you can also look at this further collection of recent transcriptions which have yet to be separated into individual files.

Use the Search box to search for names of interest. In the 'Record Type' column, W refers to a Will, A to an Administration and I to an Inventory. The 'Date' column refers to the date when probate was granted.


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Surname Firstname Residence Year Transcript
Partridge John Hunnington 1824 Romsley_Will_Partridge_John_1824.pdf
Partridge Mary Hunnington 1747 Romsley_Will_Partridge_Mary_1747.docx
Partridge Thomas Hunnington 1725/6 Romsley_Will_Partridge_Thomas_1725-6.docx
Partridge William The Grange, Halesowen 1792 Romsley_Will_Partridge_Thomas_1792.docx
Partridge William Halesowen 1754 Romsley_Will_Partridge_William_1754.doc
Pearsall Thomas Halesowen 1759 Romsley_Will_Pearsall_Thomas_1759.docx
Penn Humphrey Pen Orchard Clent 1616 Romsley_Will_Penn_Humphrey_1616.doc
Penn John Hagley 1651 Romsley_Will_Penn_John_1651.docx
Potter John Halesowen 1848 Romsley_Will_Potter_John_1848.doc
Potter John Goodrest 1877 Romsley_Will_Potter_John_1867.doc
Potter Ralph Halesowen 1698 Romsley_Will_Potter_Ralph__1698.docx
Powell Adam Romsley 1684 Romsley_Will_Powell_Adam_1684.docx
Powell John Romsley Hill 1729 Romsley_Will_Powell_John_1729.docx
Reade Hugh Halesowen 1550 Romsley_Will_Read_Hugh_1550.docx
Reade Hugh Romsley 1631 Romsley_Will_Reade_Hugh_1631.docx
Reade John Romsley Hill 1746 Romsley_Will_Reade_John_1746.docx
Reade Kenelm Romsley 1622 Romsley_Will_Reade_Kenelm_1622.docx
Reade Margery Romsley 1635 Romsley_Will_Reade_Margery_1635.docx
Reade Richard Romsley Hill 1591 Romsley_Will_Reade_Richard_1591.docx
Reade Richard Romsley 1645 Romsley_Will_Reade_Richard_1645.docx

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