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VTEM skitter

Bromsgrove Road, Hunnington 1975

VTEM skitter

Bromsgrove Road, Romsley

VTEM skitter

Dayhouse Bank, Romsley

VTEM skitter

Hunnington Station

VTEM skitter

Bluebird Toffee Factory, Hunnington

VTEM skitter

Romsley Sanatorium

VTEM skitter

Romsley School

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St Kenelm's Church, Romsley

VTEM skitter

Vincent's Houses, Hunnington

VTEM skitter

Vincent's Toffee Factory, Hunnington

Programme 2023/24

Our monthly meetings are held in the Church Hall, Romsley, starting at 7.30pm:


  • 26th September: Oliver Cromwell and Modern Democracy. Speaker: Howard F. Robinson
  • 24th October: Frances Brett Young : The Island – a history of the British Isles from their geological formation to Battle of Britain. Speaker: Michael Hall
  • 28th November:  But I Can't Tap Dance – a light hearted and anecdotal look at the life of a 21st Century actress. Speaker: Jennifer Rigby


  • 27th February: Broadway, Worcestershire's Poshest Village. Speaker: Julian Hunt
  • 26th March: Worcestershire Saints and Sinners. Speakers: Paul & Helen Harding
  • 23rd April: The King's Loose Box. Speaker: Mary Bodfish
  • 28th May: AGM. Talk to be decided
  • 25th June: Growing up in the Garden Village. Speakers: Maggie Vernon & Ruth Harper.

For the latest local history events across the county see the Worcestershire Local History Forum website.


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